William Anderson Bradley
Born: 24 Oct. 1839
Mother: Louisa Thompson Bradley
Father: George Washington Bradley
Married:  11 Jan. 1866 to Elizabeth Jane Hollenbeck
Children: John Thomas, William Franklin, Maude May, Ada Azetta, Evalyn Matilda, and Grace Belle
Occupation: Farmer
Died:  1 April 1899 in Larkinburg, Kansas
Buried:  in Larkinburg Cemetery

(back row) Frank and Maude
Eva, Nettie, W. A. Bradley, Jane Bradley, John, Ada
Grace on Jane's lap

Grace, Nettie, Eva, Ada, Maude

Death of Wm. A. Bradley

Holton Recorder, Thursday April 13, 1899
W. A. Bradley, living some seven or eight miles east of Holton, died after a brief illness, Friday, March 31. The evening before his death he ate a hearty supper, and went to bed in apparently his usual health. He soon became restless and could not go to sleep. Along toward midnight he got up and started out but stopped at the door. This alarmed Mrs. Bradley, who had become uneasy, and she got up and found him leaning against the door partially paralyzed and unconscious. She called for help and they got him to bed and sent to Larkin for a doctor. He did not get any better, and next morning they sent for Dr. Jermane, but before he got started word came that Mr. Bradley was dead.

The deceased was born in eastern Kentucky in 1839. He married a Miss Hollenback, and came to this county soon after, where he has since resided. He was a veteran of the war for the preservation of the Union, having served three years in the ranks.

Ten children were born to Mr. And Mrs. Bradley, seven of whom are living, and all but one or two grown up. The deceased was a member of the A. C. church, and was a faithful and conscientious Christian, and no doubt is enjoying the Christian’s reward in the better land.

Those who knew Mr. Bradley as neighbors and friends and fellow Christians all testify to his upright walk as a citizen, his loving care of wife and children and his conscientious practice of the principles of Christianity as he believed them. The funeral was largely attended by sympathizing neighbors and friends.

(We expected some information upon which to base a brief obituary notice of the late W. A. Bradley, of east Jackson, but did not receive it in time for last week’s issue, and through an oversight there was not even a notice of his death).