Thomas Herbert Morrell, Jr.
Born: July 31, 1916 in Blue Mound, Kansas
Mother: Ada Mabel DeMerritt Morrell
Father: Thomas Herbert Morrell
Baptized: 1928 in Blue Mound, Kansas
Married:  25 December 1941 to Blanche Alice Smith
Children: Judith Rae, Rebecca Jane, Dennis Glen
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Died: 2 October 1996 in Owatonna, Minnesota
Buried: (cremated) Ashes scattered between the 2nd and 16th fairways - Owatonna Country Club

Thomas Herbert Morrell, Jr. with sister Mabel

Herbert painted the house with mud (when his father was painting) and had to wash it off.

What is so rare as a ride on a mule
Sitting backwards! OH! What a fool!
And, when looking behind I found
A fast rider who put me to the ground.
He put forth no sweat
Nor did the mule excite or fret.
Just a careless little slip
And you will always take a flip
If you are turned around
And the mule suddenly frowned.
And what a laugh for the five
When they saw that I was still alive.
My thoughts wee cool
For I wished to catch the mule.
And as I staggered to my feet,
I felt a lameness in my seat
No! It wasn’t the fall
That caused it all
For I had no saddle
So I rode astraddle
A long and high backbone
Which was nearly as sharp as the point of a cone.
And, when I undressed that night,
Gee, it was a dreadful sight.
There were two patches of skin gone I do declare.
Now, it would be nice to tell you where.
But, a good time was had by all
At the end of the horseback ride and the fall

   By T. Herbert Morrell

Blanche and Herbert's Wedding

Bert Smith (father-in-law) with Herbert

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At work in Oliver Engineering Department, Charles City Plant
(from left) Ernie Williamson, Herbert, and Bob Morgen

(from left) Plant Manager George Bird, A. King McCord, Herbert, and J. B. Macauley

Cleo doing tricks for grandsons Jeffrey (left) and Timmy (right)