George Washington Bradley
Born: 6 April 1814 in Virginia
Married: 1830 to Louisa Thompson
Children: William Anderson Bradley (others not known)
Occupation: Farmer
Died:  12 July 1897 in Larkinburg, Kansas
Buried: 1897 in Thompson Cemetery, Larkinburg, Kansas

Thompson Cemetery in Larkinburg, Kansas:
When Mother and I (Blanche and Judy) visited Uncle Wallace Bradley in Klamath Falls, Oregon, in November of 2000, we learned that he had directions written by his father to an old cemetery where his grandfather (G.W. Bradley) and grandmother were buried. Wallace, with his son Tom and daughter-in-law Chris, had followed these directions and found the cemetery in April of 2000. So, we decided to look for it on our trip to Kansas in July 2001. First we visited Virginia Bowser in her hardware store in Larkinburg. She gave us the following map and directed us to several places, including the cemetery. We saw one little track off the gravel road, but that only led to a hog pen. The next little track was next to a clump of trees, just as described. We just saw dense forest, but then something that at first I thought was a bee hive, but it turned out to be a gravestone. There were several stones for Thompsons, but no Bradleys that we could find. We came back the next day to look again and found G. W. Bradley's stone, but not his wife's. Later we learnerd why he was buried in the Thompson Cemetery. His wife was a Thompson. They had all moved from Kentucky together.

The view from the track off the country road

We took trimming shears along and cut away the vines to see this site.

Stone reads "G.W. BRADLEY
DIED July 12, 1897
83 yrs
3 m, 6 d"

Barely visible in the ground is the base stone that reads "BRADLEY"