Gustaf Albert Monson Smith (Grandpa Smith)
Born: 5 Nov. 1844 in Weta, Ostergotland, Sweden
Baptised: 5 Nov. 1844 in Weta, Ostergotland, Sweden
Mother: Maja Lena Larsdotter
Father: Nils Monson
Married:  1 October 1867 to Alice Ann Law
Children: Mary, Nora, Charles, Edwin, Mabel, Bert
Married: 1918 to Laura Bradley
Occupation: Farmer
Died:  19 Jan. 1931 in Holton, Kansas
Buried: 22 Jan. 1931 in Larkinburg Cemetery

Family History Compiled by Bert A. Smith May, 1966

Nils Monson was born January 4, 1799 in Tollstad, Ostergotland, Sweden. He married Sophy Engholm, and they had one daughter, Hedda Matilda, who was born July 13, 1837 in Ragslosa.  Sophy Engholm Monson died, and Nils Monson then married Maja Lena Larsdotter.  She was born February 17, 1807 in Weta, Ostergotland.  They had sons, both born near Weta, Ostergotland. Gustaf Albert on November 5, 1844 and Nils Peter on October 13, 1846.

In 1851 Nils and Maja Lena Monson, with the three children, Hedda Matilda, Gustaf Albert and Nils Peter, came to America and settled in Illinois.  The chest in which they carried their food to America is now in the Carl Sandburg Cottage Museum in Galesburg, Illinois.

Soon after coming over Maja Lena Monson died.  Hedda Matilda and Nils Peter stayed with their father, but a family by the name of Jonas Smith reared Gustaf Albert.  He later  took the name of Albert Smith.  He grew up on a farm west of Galesburg.

Both boys enlisted in the Union Army, and both were under age at the time.  Albert served until the end of the war, and he marched with Sherman to the Sea.  Nils Peter was wounded at the Battle of Lookout Mountain.  He was recovering from his wounds when he contracted diphtheria and died.  Albert was also at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, but he did not know his brother was there.

Moonson family passport  (each page enlarged below)


Hedda Matilda Monson (sister of Grandpa Smith)

Grandpa Smith with Alice Law Smith

     Grandpa Smiith with daughters Nora (left) and Mary (right) and son Bert (second from left)

Grandpa Smith with Laura Bradley, his second wife

            Grandpa Smith with Blanche and Glen

           Grandpa Smith is on the right end of the back row.