ESSAYS by Judy Lumb

Quaker Eco-Bulletin

Quaker Eco-Bulletin: The First Nine Years

Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Changing World View and Friends Testimonies

U. S. Population Passes 300 Million

“Putting Dignity & Rights at the Heart of the Global Economy”
A Review of “A Quaker Perspective”


The Creatures I Live With

The Nature of Belize

San Antonio Deer Dance

Black Howler Monkey Translocation

Dolphins, Dolphins, As Far As the Eye Can See

The Baby Monkey

Garifuna Dugu: An Really Extended Family Reunion

Healing by Faith

On Being Led

Waltzing with Big Ease


Collecting Parts of Myself

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Estrogen - One Woman's Opinion

My Spiritual Journey