Getting to Africa

26 November 2011 --- It took six planes and three days of flying, but I am now in Durban, South Africa --- Belize-Miami, Miami-London, London-Nairobi, Nairobi-Kigali (Rwanda), Kigali-Johannesburg (Jo-burg, South Africa), and Jo-burg-Durban. All flights were on time with plenty of food and wine. The best leg was from London to Nairobi. The clouds cleared away in time for great views of the Alps, Greek Isles, Sahara Desert, and Nile River.

AlpsGreek IslesSahara DesertNile River

I broke up the trip by staying one day in Nairobi, Kenya, with David and Gladys Zarembka, who will be my hosts from Jan - Mar when I will be volunteering for the African Great Lakes Initiative. They are such wonderful hosts. We went to the Nairobi International Friends Center for a meeting where I met a number of Friends, an appetizer for the work I will be doing later. I will be documenting the healing and reconciliation work done by Friends in the aftermath of the last elections in Kenya with the goal of publishing by April in the lead up to the next election to help avert a replay of the violence that happened after the last election. The Nairobi Friends Church may be the largest Friends meetinghouse in the world.

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