Upcountry Kenya

11 January 2012 — I am staying with Gladys Kamonya and David Zarembke, who live in Lumakanda, which is the headquarters of the Lugari District in the Western Province of Kenya, now Kakamega County. Photos on <judylumb.wordpress.com>,  a panorama as seen from the rocky hill on which is the water tank and Gladys.

I am settling in and getting started on my project, documentation of the healing and reconciliation work that the Friends Church Peace Team did after the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008 when 1500 people were killed and 250,000 displaced from their homes. There is another election scheduled for either August or December of this year, so we want to get this book published soon.

8 January 2012 — The last two days have been travel days from South Africa to Kenya. I was very grateful to Betsy and Neil Coville who took me home with them from Yearly Meeting and then to the airport to catch my flight to Kenya. After one night in Nairobi where Gladys’ son Douglas took very good care of me, I took a shuttle (7 hours) to Lumakanda, Kenya, in the North Rift Valley. It was a beautiful ride as the road goes along the ridge the whole way with spectacular views on a bright sunny day.

From the Lumakanda junction, I took two motorcycle taxis the last 2 km, one for me and one for my luggage. I was scared, but held on tightly and told the driver to go slow and easy. Halfway I asked him to stop so I could adjust my computer bag, which was falling off my shoulders. I didn’t want to let go either hand while we were going! I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of that scene.

When I was in South Africa everyone told me that when I got to Kenya I would really feel like I am in Africa and they were right! I’ll have much more to say about Lumakanda as I am here longer. I am just happy to have finally arrived at the location of my volunteer work where I can settle in for three months.

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